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For 20 years, Osborne Technical Group has been producing material handling equipment for manufacturers of cold headed and cold formed parts.

It used to be that parts would get transferred between departments for each step of the manufacturing process.  A part would be formed on one machine...taken to another department for washing...yet another for threading.  Our clients have found that this is expensive and time consuming.  They are consolidating production into a work cell using Osborne machines to move their material through the process.  With Osborne machines, a part can move efficiently from heading to threading with a wash in between.  This increases productivity.

Our design philosophy is to build machines from an operations and maintenance point of view.  Machines that will last and are easy to maintain.  Osborne machines are built with maintenance in mind.

Our loaders have a structural frame.  Covers can be removed and the machine is still operational.  Our conveyors are the most durable in the industry.  And our washers are simple, reliable, and built to last.  This reduces your down time and makes you more productive.

Contact Osborne Technical Group to find out more about how we can help you become more productive.

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